Episode 1 - A picture tells a thousand words but it does not tell the full story with Aaron Kyle

In this first episode of the Build Hatch Podcast we introduce our host Aaron Kyle. Aaron is interviewed by good friend and architect, Dylan Try from SDA. Dylan and Aaron discuss the motivation behind the Build Hatch Podcast and the history of Aaron’s career in the construction industry.  

 In this episode we talk about:  - Build Hatch was born out of a desire to share the stories behind a build 

  • Aaron grew up living between Newcastle and Melbourne.

  • Aaron has worked in the areas of; Construction Management, Contract administration, Mining Infrastructure, Engineering, Property Development and now the Law.

  • Aaron is currently working as a specialist consultant in construction dispute resolution.  

  • Aaron’s perspective on balancing family and work.

  • The behind the scenes stories that Aaron wants to share through this Podcast and guests.  

  • Dylan Try’s journey into architecture and his perception of the construction industry.  

  • The traditional and referral-based model of marketing.  

  • Dylan talks about the importance of the client relationship.  

  • As a specialist consultant, Aaron has seen many disputes following construction projects.

  • Aaron explains the concept of life-long-learning.

  • The objectives of the Build Hatch Podcast.

Sit back and enjoy the first episode of the Build Hatch Podcast with Aaron Kyle.  


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