Episode 36 - Digging the Foundations for Strong Relationships - Andy Toniolo Inner City Excavations

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Andy Toniolo from Inner City Excavations.

In this episode we talk about: 

  • Andy was always interested in construction and started out labouring while he studied economics and commerce at University.  

  • Andy is a Melbourne man born and bred and was a keen footy and tennis player growing up.  

  • Finding the learning side of study easier, Andy enrolled as a mature age student in carpentry to pursue is goals of working in construction.

  • Building strong relationships with people through Tafe gave Andy the upper hand when he stepped out on his own and formed a framing crew. 

  • Working in framing gave Andy a chance to realise his love for ground work and problem solving which was the foundation for a build. 

  • Andy saw a gap in the market, where the expectations of engineers in domestic building design contrasted with the skill of general domestic tradies, so Inner City Excavations was born. 

  • Andy’s first purchase was a 2-tonne excavator which has completed over 5000 hours and is still in use today.  

  • Relationships are the key to Andy’s business. Keep the builder happy and you will not only grow, but form strong bonds with trades.  

  • Valuing relationships early on and using his skills of reading plans, Andy has been able to build a business on trust while forming a specialist excavation company.  

  • The shift Andy has seen in the public’s respect for trades.  

  • Nobody has X-ray vision, however by keeping the communication open between client, builder and excavator, all ‘problems’ can be easily solved.  

  • Information is power and by asking a Geotech to retrieve more samples (above the industry standard) Andy has avoided many excavation mis-haps.  

  • The Inner City Excavation Fleet.  

  • The biggest challenge Andy has come across when excavating.  

  • Loading equipment in and out of trucks is, by far, the most dangerous task and Andy always approaches it with caution, no matter how many times he has done it.  

  • The most interesting thing Andy has found on site.  

  • In 2012 Andy was involved in ‘The Block’ for Channel 9 and shares his experience.  

  • Cycling, football and family occupy Andy outside of Inner City Excavations.  

  • Andy gives us his tips for balancing work and still making time for family.  

  • The future for Inner City Excavation. 

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Andy Toniolo from Inner City Excavations.     Links: 

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