Episode 38 - Adaptability, Flexibility and Trust with Anthony Furniss from EJE Architecture

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Anthony Furniss from EJE Architecture.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Anthony grew up in the Northern suburbs of Sydney and moved, with his Dad, to Cairns in high school and describes it as his first real interaction with an Aboriginal community – which was invaluable.

  • Getting ready for graduating from high school, Architecture was Anthony’s first choice and he ended up at Newcastle University.

  • Renovating a home while in high school sparked Anthony’s curiosity in architecture.

  • Anthony’s time studying at Newcastle University, which on the first day, he met one of his now fellow directors.

  • During the third and fourth year of his degree, he took a job in a large Sydney firm contrasting with a smaller firm in Newcastle.

  • His first job was a combined primary and high school which was a foray into the world of education design where he focused on for the first two years of his career.

  • An offer came in for Anthony to work within the tertiary education sector in the facilities management department where he collaborated directly with different client groups and provided briefs for other architects.

  • During his time working within client services, Anthony was in a team of engineers and other specialists which expanded his experience and understanding of the full life cycle of a building.

  • Environmental sustainability is not purely about building materials, but how can you design a building that can adapt without being significantly modified.

  • Anthony shares his typical day as a Director of EJE Architecture.

  • Anthony views architecture as a collaboration – there are builders, council officers, site managers and everyone has to work collectively at some point.

  • As we head into 2021, Anthony says that ‘knowledge is king’ when experiencing hard lockdowns and provides us with his perspective on the reactions he has seen from not only builders but clients as well.

  • The impacts of working from home during the lockdown as well as some of the advantages and changes in perspective he has seen in the industry.

  • Anthony has noticed an increased level of productivity and appreciation from staff as they work remotely.

  • The way in which Anthony’s father conducted business and how he has been the biggest influence on Anthony’s career – especially the way in which he interacts with other people.

  • Anthony’s advice to young builders or business owners who want to connect with an Architect like himself and build great relationships.

  • Trust in all areas of business is essential. Anthony says, ‘The best form of marketing you can do for yourself is handing over a high-quality job’.

  • Outside of EJE Anthony ‘dances on water’ at the beach and refers to it as his counsel which is surfing.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Anthony Furniss.


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