Episode 43 - Training and Team Building to Kickstart a Distinguished and Extensive Career with Brett

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to sit down with Brett Hocking from APP Corporation.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Brett was one of Aaron’s first bosses in construction management and shares the story of how his new shoes landed him the job.

  • APP is a client-side property, project management and infrastructure advisory firm, who help clients come up with a strategy to transition their assets, in large-scale Government work and the private sector.

  • Brett grew up in Avalon on the Northern Beaches of NSW, with his school’s back gate sitting right on the beach.

  • Brett was academically minded and after school attended UTS studying civil engineering, but quickly worked out it wasn’t for him.

  • Attending a site visit on the Sydney M5 as it was being built changed Brett’s perspective on his engineering degree, so he took 6 months off and worked in the snowfields.

  • After his time away, Brett then enrolled himself into a Bachelor of Building and Construction and Economics whilst working as a cadet at the Department of Public Works and Services.

  • He was then called by a recruiter who invited him to join the team at APP and Brett has been with this leading company for over 24 years.

  • APP has more of a corporate structure and Brett explains the diverse range of clients and jobs he has worked with over the years.

  • The graduate program that APP offers and the diverse range of backgrounds, training and careers that can be developed through their program.

  • APP and their involvement in everything from military services to turning Albert Park into a Formula One race track each year including the process to dismantle this landmark event each year.

  • There are three really important factors for the graduates of APP, that being, they understand the commercial process behind the delivery of a project, receive a practical understanding and understand the value of the relationships that can establish, through APP, to grow their careers.

  • Training and teambuilding for graduates, in a post-university context, so they can pull together their learning and general professional services.

  • The process for corporate clients approaching APP to implement the best strategy, definition, delivery or transition for a property and infrastructure project.

  • At the moment APP has around 330 employees in 10 offices all around the Country.

  • APP has 4 divisions – Infrastructure, Projects, Urban Development and the Program’s Division which Brett is in charge of and leads.

  • Brett’s favourite aspect of his job, by far, is to see young people succeed and grow themselves into trusted professionals in their field.

  • Mentoring, connection, contact and the value of relationships.

  • Outside of work, Brett is a family man and enjoys snow sports and building projects with his kids around home.

  • The defining characteristics of an APP graduate is the right attitude, aptitude and someone who enjoys a bit of fun.

  • The process of getting involved with APP as a graduate, postgraduate or experienced trades.

  • Pete who was once an APP Graduate also drops in and joins us to discuss the day in the life of an APP Graduate.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Brett Hocking from APP Corporation.


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