Episode 51 - Bringing the Built Stories to Life with Chris Morgan from Accomplice Media

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Chris Morgan from Accomplice Media.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Chris explains his work at Accomplice Media as a speciality construction content creator. 

  • Chris grew up in New Zealand and completed a Bachelor of Media Arts specialising in Photography and Film. 

  • Starting his career in feature films as a ‘runner which’, he found was not his calling he then switched to TV broadcasting in NZ.

  • His wife’s Hockey career brought them to Australia 10 years ago, however as the media industry is so cut-throat, he was unable to get a job in mainstream media and started work in milk delivery to make ends meet.

  • Early mornings caused burnout for Chris, so he stepped out on his own as a freelancer right after the birth of his first child. 

  • The first two years of business was tough for Chris, but he eventually connected with our good friend Matt from Elevate Building Group which led to a rise in success for Accomplice Media.

  • Film and media is a trade, and we discuss the correlation between media and construction. 

  • One of the pain points of construction business’ is regular, budget friendly content which led Chris to create a subscription-based model for ongoing content creation. 

  • Chris’ favourite aspect of his role is bringing the story of construction together.

  • Imagery shot on a phone vs Chris’ drones, professional camera’s, 360 cameras, go-pros and professional sound equipment, and the difference this can make to your social presence. 

  • Chris dives deep into his camera equipment and shares the coolest aspect of creating content. 

  • Finding the action, framing the action and editing to create a coherent story that is also unique for each construction client. 

  • The trick to creating diverse video content when the subject matter may be similar. 

  • Outside of work, Chris is a busy man with one year old twins at home, and although there is not much downtime, he finds so much joy in his work in the creative spaces. 

  • Chris is a leader in a niche market and his subscription-based model is almost unheard of in his field. 

  • As Chris regularly comes back to shoot video content, he is able to try new techniques and has the opportunity to become a leader in this creative field. 

  • Chris shares one of his recent experimental shoots for Matt from Elevate Building group and the excitement of starting new trends and styles. 

  • The influence of Chris’ business coach and how he has been able to re-shape his thinking to work within construction.

  • For Chris, it is all comes back to listening to his client’s needs and establishing long-term relationships with his clients. 

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Chris Morgan from Accomplice Media. 


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