Episode 59 - The Construction Material Crisis – Standing Together as a Community

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, Aaron Kyle will be bringing to light the crisis we are seeing in the construction industry at the moment. Joining him is Mark Asimus from Hunter Frame & Truss. Mark will share his perspective as we take a stand together for the good of the construction industry.

In this episode we’ll discuss:

  • The Master Builders Association Australia estimates there are 70,000 construction workers unable to work due to pandemic restrictions.

  • There is 2.3 million small business’ in Australia who contribute 4.18 billion to our economy – 8% is generated by small construction business.

  • In March 2020 the pandemic reached Australia – Mark says during March to September 2020 he was at least 30-50% down on a monthly basis. However, in September, all of the sudden, the work was back with the help of the government subsidies.

  • At the end of 2019, Australia also experienced the Black Summer Bushfires which impacted wood supplies but may have boosted the building and construction industry as we start to rebuild the homes of those affected.

  • Mark is located in the Hunter Valley – his timber supplies come from the Bathurst region in NSW, where he now has a limited allocation.

  • Timber and pine suppliers are owned by a combination of government (around 70% nationwide) and long-standing family business’.

  • Ensuring the future wood supplies considering a pine tree takes 9 years to grow before it can be logged.

  • HIA recently published that in the June 2021 quarter for new homes, there was an 11% increase nationwide.

  • Mark explains how the price increases have impacted his business. There has been up to a 67% increase in price compared to previous years. ‘I can only guarantee my prices for 7 days now’ says Mark.

  • As a result of wood supplies, and increased prices, builders are handing back contracts and losing livelihoods. We have a crisis on our hands.

  • Aaron says, ‘I am putting together an exclusive network of people who will be able to lobby together to the people who supply these materials.’ He will share how you, as a member of the Build Hatch community, can support this cause.

Let’s all stand together as a community and bring about the change we all need to see to ensure the longevity of our industry.


Mark Asimus from Hunter Frame & Truss

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