Episode 29 - Everything that happens in your life matters in life and in business with Dale Cheesman

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Dale Cheesman from ‘The Melbourne Builder’. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • Dale grew up in South-East Melbourne and we hear about Dale’s classic Australian childhood.

  • Dale did not always have aspirations of becoming a builder and after graduating school, he kept active and interested in lots of sport. 

  • Dales’ first boss, Jeff and the influence he had throughout Dale’s entire career.

  • Saying, ‘Yes’ to opportunities and being pushed to become more of yourself.

  • Completing a building apprenticeship taught Dale the life skills to start his own business.

  • The beginnings of ‘The Melbourne Builder’ with his business partner and school friend Sean.

  • Social Media and the importance of balance within a business partnership.

  • In 2017, Sean tragically lost his fiancé leaving Sean to raise an 8-month-old son, this experience taught Dale and TMB family gratitude and was a reminder of the importance of strong relationships and friendships.

  • The value and importance of tendering and what this process can teach you about your business.

  • Going from carpentry joinery to building business.

  • Dale gives us his perspective on tendering for building jobs.

  • The home TMB built for Chris and Rebecca Judd and the biggest highlights from this project.

  • Dale’s background in building for events and his approach to a quick fit out turnaround.

  • The ‘Arbory’ bar project and the problem solving needed to build on water.

  • The influence of Neil from TMB and the family working environment of The Melbourne Builder.

  • Dale believes in flexible working arrangements for employees to create a healthy work-life-balance.

  • The future for The Melbourne Builder.

  • How Dale loves meeting new clients and their families involved in renovations.

  • Dale’s learnings from the last 10 years of business.

  • The value of honesty and transparency. 

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Dale Cheesman. 


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