Episode 65 - Balance the Practical with the Beautiful with Darin Bradbury with from Mint Design

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Darin Bradbury from Mint Design.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Darin started his career in the wine industry as a winemaker but was always more interested in biology.

  • His choice to study Horticulture at Melbourne University, where he made some great connections.

  • Darin’s life-long love for gardens which, came from this grandparent and how this shaped him as a young man.

  • Passion for making the most of a space, convenience and low maintenance.

  • Darin’s approach was to gain as much experience as possible while studying.

  • His time as a commercial landscaper and, the programs he uses for digital landscape design.

  • How Landscaping Design grows as more plant varieties become available.

  • The shift in the way that people see landscaping and its value.

  • The value of landscaping has risen since the pandemic as we are spending more time at home.

  • There has been a perspective shift on the value of landscaping as it has become an Artesian trade.

  • The variety of creative outdoor projects which can fit on your property - if you have the space.

  • Landscaping does not have a regularity standard, and Darin shares the value of a qualified Landscaper.

  • Darin’s shares some of his recent projects.

  • Collaboration between trades that are generally needed on a landscaping project.

  • Setting the expectations of the client.

  • Fire pits, pools and off-form concrete and other innovations in the industry,

  • Australia is the biggest consumer of pool tiles per capita in the world.

  • We are now willing to pay for something that looks amazing and the problem solving needed in the design.

  • Darin’s top tips for screening plants plus the trend of bringing in mature trees.

  • Outside of work Darin is enjoying basketball and is enjoying sports again.

  • The history behind the name, ‘Mint Design’ and the marketing approach behind the business.

  • The trick is to ‘Balance the practical with the beautiful’

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Darin Bradbury from Mint Design.


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