Episode 12 - Taking a building product from concept to marketplace with Pete and Steve from DeckTec

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Steve Byrnes and Pete Hass who are the founders DeckTec.  

In this episode we talk about: 

  • DeckTec is a deck spacing assembly and a joist protector in one product. 

  • The concept of DeckTec is the brainchild of Pete who, at the time, was a chippy and café owner. 

  • Steve has a background in commercial shipping distribution and is the big picture man of the pair. 

  • Building a standard wood deck is labour intensive and it is not uncommon for decks to cost upwards of $20K.

  • After buying a 3D printer, Pete invited Steve to become his partner. 

  • The process of Incorporating, Patenting and protecting IP. 

  • After meeting with a plastic injecting moulding company here in Australia, Steve and Pete finally had a product in their hand to take to the market.

  • The material is manufactured using 100% recycled material, Australian designed, owned and manufactured. 

  • The difference and advantage of using DeckTec vs traditional decking. 

  • DeckTec does not need packers and this is a huge selling point for chippies. 

  • DeckTec is two times faster to install than traditional decking. 

  • Reality vs expectation in the innovation space. 

  • The challenges of breaking into the building market with a brand-new product.  

  • Steve and Pete listened to feedback and launched 86mm, 135mm and 140mm decking boards in addition to the 90mm. 

  • Trade shows and the “Deck Out” live shows which launched DeckTec into the supplier market. 

  • Working together with Keith Schleiger from ‘The Block’.

  • Winning the 2019 HIA- CSR Hunter Housing awards for product innovation. 

  • The importance of good friendship in a business partner. 

  • DeckTec is now available in over 200 stores in the Asia Pacific region.

Sit back and enjoy this entertaining interview with Steve and Pete. 



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