Episode 93 - Putting all your effort into something you absolutely love with Gary Windiate from Wind

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Gary Windiate from Windiate Architects

In this episode we talk about:

  • Growing up in England and moving to Australia when he was 25 years old.

  • Gary always wanted to become an Architect but was unable to pass his first exams.

  • He believes you should put all your effort into something you absolutely love and although it took him a little longer, he finally graduated.

  • His first Architectural job brought him to Australia and the connections he made during this time.

  • After in 1998 he come over to Australia permanently and started working on some of his own projects.

  • After a back injury in 2007, Gary decided to start a his own architectural firm.

  • The goals of Windiate Architects and the projects Gary was intentional about saying ‘yes’ to.

  • Gary looks at each project as a puzzle and walks us through his client engagement process.

  • The creative opportunities that have opened up since the pandemic and the shifts in priorities Gary has experienced.

  • Intentionally resourcing mostly Australian Made products.

  • Out of adversity, you can get some great results.

  • Gary’s favourite material is still a humble piece of timber.

  • His extensive work in the community and how this has impacted his life and architectural firm.

  • The future for Gary Windiate and his team.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Gary Windiate from Windiate Architects


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