Episode 67 - More People, Less Paper with Glen Fitzgerald from Worx Inductions

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Glen Fitzgerald from Worx Inductions

In this episode we talk about:

  • Glen grew up South of Sydney and spent a lot of time learning skills from his father.

  • Football and the value of team sports and learning to work in a team environment were the stand-out skills Glen from a young age.

  • Following school, Glen started a plumbing apprenticeship doing residential plumbing.

  • Starting a plumbing company and Glen’s learnings from this time.

  • The beginnings of Worx Inductions – an online platform which helps small business’ manage WH&S requirements.

  • Seeing a need in the market and creating a simple solution.

  • Glen walks us through the process of using Worx Inductions.

  • The structure of Worx Inductions and the free access for contractors.

  • PCBU and the simple portal which is automated and paperless.

  •  White card inductions and how they approach this for their clients.

  • COVID safe plans and using QR codes to give information.

  • The challenges Glen has witnessed during the pandemic and the systems which are now required.

  • The pricing structure of Worx Inductions. 

  • The simple training process’ available.

  • Safety alerts and the portal tracking capacity.

  • Visitor Induction and Risk Mitigation. 

  • Worx Inductions is Nationwide and tracking movements of contractors.

  • Outside of work Glen loves to take advantage of the beach and enjoy family and friends.

  • The future for Worx Inductions.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Glen Fitzgerald from Worx Inductions


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