Episode 26 - Obsessed with business with Jack and Claire Burke from Muse Built

In this episode  of the  Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from  married dynamic duo  Jack and Claire Burke  from  Muse Built.   

In this episode we talk about:  

  • The origins of Muse Built  owned and operated by Jack and Claire Burke. 

  • Jack and Claire both grew up in the Hunter Valley NSW and met through Jack’s brother 10 years go. 

  • Jack is a third-generation builder and still works  regularly  with  family. 

  • Following school, Jack  took a gap year and  travelled. During this  time, he decided to step  out on his own  and  started  his building company.   

  • Claire’s father  owns a Safety Consultancy  Firm in which  Claire has worked  since graduating from school.  

  • Adopting  Claire’s  safety industry  experience and  office management to work with Jack at Muse Built. 

  • Highlights from Jack’s  first project. 

  • Jack’s favourite part of running a building company is working in a positive  team environment. 

  • The marketing  strategies of  Muse Built. 

  • The pros and cons of working  in the business as a  husband and wife team. 

  • The future for Muse  Built and plans  for expansion. 

  • Jack sees the  importance of camaraderie between  other builders  and sub-contractors.  

  • Managing the  mixture of  fixed and variable  contracts  with clients.  

  • Jack’s tips for working with other  trades and contractors. 

  • Loving what you do  is a marker for success.  

  • The Mayfield renovation project that Claire and Jack  took on two years ago. 

  • Being able to adapt and pivot  is essential.  

  • The thrill of seeing the owner happy with their  completed  project.  

  • Jack and Claire’s advice to young carpenters looking to transform into a builder. 

  • The difference in mindset when working on construction  vs  business. 

  • Business is almost an obsession for Jack and Claire. 

  • Grounding yourself and re-setting with time away from the business. 

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with  Jack and Claire Burke  from Muse Built.  


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