Episode 37 - Swing the Right Hammer with Jack Martin Founder of The People's Tool Co.

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Jack Martin, creator and founder of The People's Tool Co.  

In this episode we talk about: 

  • The People's Tool Co focuses on tool bags, builders square and hammers and only sells and exclusively distributes quality products.

  • Jack was born and raised in the Yarra Ranges where he now lives with his own family.  

  • Always wanting to do something with his hands, Jack started working in commercial construction at age 16 but made the switch to carpentry to work with timber.

  • Completing his domestic carpentry apprenticeship at age 19, Jack stepped out as a carpenter specialising in frames.   

  • Growing up, Jack loved boxing and was never afraid to stand his ground – perhaps we call it an entrepreneurial streak.  

  • Finding all big brand toolbelts uncomfortable, Jack started The People's Tool Co which only took 8 weeks from idea to first delivery. 

  • Investing $600 he received for his 21st Birthday, Jack invested in Cryptocurrency turning it into a wise investment.

  • This approach was to sell as many pre-orders as possible and pay for orders upfront before building up stock levels here in Australia.  

  • Jack explains the feeling of getting his first sale through the website while standing in his parent's kitchen.  

  • We get hands-on and look at some of the quality tools available through The People's Tool Co. 

  • Manufacturing location is important to Jack as he only sources the highest quality items for sale.  

  • He has everything from Diamondback toolbelts, Collins clamps to Martinez hammers. 

  • Starting out Jack had to work overnight to connect with American suppliers and message buyers directly on Instagram. 

  • When the Covid pandemic hit, Jack created the “Essential Crew” merchandise shirts that are exclusively sold as a limited-edition. 

  • “Can you imagine yourself in 10 years if instead of avoiding the things you know you should do you actually did them every single day that's powerful” (Jordan Peterson) and the meaning of this quote for Jack.  

  • Building frames in his day job, Jack has created friendly competition within his crew.  

  • The liberation that comes with working on a business all while keeping your hands on the tools.  

  • Jack gives us an example of how to track a repetitive task like framing.   

  • The people Jack looks up to in his personal and professional life.  

  • The future for The People's Tool Co. 

  • Although his core business is products, Jack has been surprised by the community that has been built on Instagram over time.  

  • Customer feedback as well as feedback from his own tradesmen are essential to supplying only the highest quality tools.  

  • The highlights and learnings from running The People’s Tools Co for Jack.  

Sit back and enjoy this interview with Jack Martin.  


The People's Tool Co

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