Episode 44 - Bringing Your Floor Plans to Life with James Hickey from Lifesize Plans

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from James Hickey from Lifesize Plans 

In this episode we talk about: 

  • Lifesize Plans was born in 2016 after founder Chris renovated his own home and realised that there was a lack of understanding when it comes to A3 plans, so, Chris hired a warehouse so he could project life size plans for clients to have a virtual walk though. 

  • James grew up in Western Sydney near Penrith but now calls The Blue Mountains home.  

  • For James, there was always construction talk at home and after school he completed a carpentry apprenticeship in the renovation space.  

  • James is process-driven and always had a feeling that there was more for him outside of the day to day of carpentry so, he spent two years travelling the world and shopfitting.  

  • After returning home, James realised his calling was in project management and he ended up in an international role managing multi-million-dollar projects.  

  • Chris, at Life Size Plans, was looking for someone who shared his vision and to scale the business - so, James joined the team. 

  • James’ role in not only scaling Lifesize Plans, but also building the team by implementing process so people can shine.  

  • The problems with the current construction ecosystem. 

  • Seeing a life-size plan of a home can bring to light layout issues that can be re-designed at the planning stage rather than half-way through construction, saving time and money for all parties, including the client.  

  • The application for Lifesize Plans is endless – from hospitals, day-care centres and hotels - the ability to make changes early on and mitigate risk.  

  • Humans connect best when we are face to face and the ‘ah-ha' moments which are revealed during their virtual walkthrough.  

  • The process of working with Lifesize Projects and how architects, designers and families can take advantage of this new technology. 

  • The pre-construction journey and application for builders and contractors to see a final product and know their role when it comes time to the build. 

  • The product ecosystem James wants to see and the application for the client experience.  

  • The feel, and even smell of home, is considered so that a client feels an emotional connection to their future plans.  

  • The value of feedback to evolve a business to be the best it can be.  

  • The ultimate goal of Lifesize Plans is to allow everyone to bring their passions to the table resulting in a client centric model using technology to facilitate the process.  

  • The future for Lifesize Plans as they step into the global space. 

  • James loves enabling people to see their vision come to life and this is the same for his personal life.  

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with James Hickey from Lifesize Plans.  


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