Episode 31 - Going Beyond Expectations with Jason and Mark from Beyond Build Constructions.

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Jason and Mark from Beyond Build Constructions.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Both Jason and Mark grew up in Sydney’s South and met during their school years, and both always wanted to head into construction.

  • The journey to Home Warranty Eligibility and the challenges associated with this.

  • Jason started with the name Beyond Build Construction as his first entity and shares the evolution of the name over time.

  • The transition phase of expanding Beyond Build and the systems they have in place to spread the load of the business and work more efficiently.

  • The gradual increase in the type of projects they work on, which has allowed them to ‘iron out the creases’.

  • Their business value of going beyond expectations, and what this means on a deeper level.

  • Jason gives us his theory of dynamics on site and matching contractors with clients.

  • Mark talks about business mentors and their weekly foreman feedback sessions.

  • The value of a strong bond with a business partner.

  • How Mark and Jason managed their staff during the pandemic as well as some of their most recent highlights.

  • Life for Mark and Jason outside of construction.

  • Indirect marketing strategies and the importance of marketing your business to ensure you have work in the future, even if you are currently booked with projects.

  • Their tips for software, processes, and paper vs digital.

  • The discipline of planning that Mark and Jason have instilled into their team.

  • The culture within the Beyond Builds team as a young crew, all under the age of 30.

  • Some of Jason’s pet hates when attending site and tips for keeping the boss happy! 

  • The future for Beyond Build and their tips for young builders looking to step out on their own.

  • Working on the tools vs managing the business and the balance of the two.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Jason and Mark from Beyond Build Constructions.


Beyond Build Constructions

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