Episode 62 - The New Guy on The Block with Jason Samargis from Multi Dwell Developments

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we sat down with Jason Samargis from Multi Dwell Developments.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Jason grew up in Melbourne and says he was a practical kid growing up and was always hands on.

  • Following school, he followed the path of building surveying however, after a year, decided to switch to carpentry.

  • Jason shares the entertaining story behind receiving his first apprenticeship in residential construction.

  • The first few years of Jason’s career and how his love for soccer and construction collided.

  • The first few years Jason worked on townhouses, did some sub-contractor work before getting his Cert IV in building and construction with Master Builders and fast-tracked Workplace Health and Safety Cert IV.

  • Following his certifications, Jason had exposure to steel frame construction.

  • The differences in working with steel framing vs wood framing as a carpenter.

  • Jason’s time as a supervisor for 12 townhouses following which, he jumped between the tools and working as a Safety Officer.

  • Jason shares his uncles battle with mental health and how this experience changes his perspective on life.

  • Realising his passion for the hands-on side of building, Jason pursued his building licence and shares what this experience was like for him.

  • After passing his building test, Jason’s first job was on channel 9’s The Block which came through his HiPages ratings.

  • The story behind Multi Dwell Developments and the path Jason would like to see it expand to.

  • Jason’s collaboration with MYOB and how this software has helped him in his new business ventures.

  • Jason’s advice for anyone wanting to get into business for themselves.

  • The value of reputation and word of mouth referrals.

  • Outside of work, Jason plays soccer and shares the time he spent in Scotland playing in the snow.

  • The Docklands project and how Jason managed to get this job done over such a short period of time.

  • Jason’s approach to pricing and, his advice for those considering a pivot in their career.

  • The importance of client satisfaction, communication and having mentors.

  • Jason’s approach to building up relationships with both clients and Architects.

  • His perspective on the current building and supply environment in Australia in 2021.

  • Aaron shares news of the upcoming Build Hatch Marketplace and how this could relieve some of the pressure felt by the building and construction industry.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Jason Samargis.


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