Episode 3 - Connecting homes to the outdoors with Jasper Lumiere

In this episode of the build Hatch Podcast we had the opportunity to hear from Jasper Lumiere from Sustainable Surrounds.  

 In this episode we talk about:

  • Jasper grew up on Lake Macquarie with very artistic parents 

  • Jasper is a landscape designer and shares how he came to become a landscaper 

  • He has a desire for people to immerse themselves in nature 

  • Hard landscaping vs soft landscaping 

  • After a few years of hands-on working, Jasper did his Bachelor of landscape architecture a RMIT University 

  • After finishing his degree Jasper started his own business, Sustainable Surrounds 

  • Jasper tells us about his first project and the process of establishing this space  

  • The value of teamwork when it comes to design and landscaping 

  • When completing home landscaping Jasper meets with the whole family  

  • Jaspers experience of finalising a project and meeting the landscaping budget  

  • Jaspers daily motivation and the involvement of gratefulness in his family life 

  • How Jasper defines success  

  • Jasper works closely with his wife, Jzhonnie and fills us in on their working relationship 

  • Jasper tells us about the recent ‘Bar Beach’ project 

  • Jaspers process to work collaboratively with clients and contractors  

  • The aspects of working outdoors that Jasper loves 

  • Garden’s engage all your senses, something that cannot be captured in a photograph 

  • Jasper’s advice to anyone considering a landscaping career 

  • The future for Sustainable Surrounds  

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Jasper Lumiere.


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