Episode 39 - Business Motivation and Optimism with Kain Bliss from Greenbuild Constructions.

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Kain Bliss from Greenbuild Constructions.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Kain is a builder based in the Hunter Valley of NSW who grew up locally.

  • Once Kain hit his teenage years his interest in construction was sparked as he joined the family plumbing business.  

  • Completing a drafting course at TAFE was critical to his interests in building and he attributes these skills as the foundation for his career.

  • Fresh out of school, Kain and his father went into business together using a proprietary green-wall system and soon after Greenbuild Constructions was born.

  • Kain was thrown into the deep end of the family business, and like a sponge, learnt all aspects from accounting to site management.

  • The choice to start a new business in construction rather than continue to work in the family plumbing business.

  • Kain’s first job with Greenbuild and the learning experiences he used for later projects. 

  • The motivation to go from small family projects to multi-million-dollar homes.

  • Kain shares how optimism led to business motivation and is passionate to take on any challenge.

  • The choice to focus on quality builds rather than quantity of builds to allow for the fundamentals to be established. 

  • The old bull verse young bull mentality and how Kain and his father balanced each other as Greenbuild grew.

  • Managing risk and putting it all on paper to clearly structure plans and mitigate risks.

  • Sharing the load of staff between the business and why Kain’s first hire was an estimator role.

  • In business, a routine is very important and why we need to work on the business not just in the business.

  • Outside of work Kain loves a bit of footy, but mostly spends his downtime with his young family.

  • The impact of COVID on Greenbuild and how Kain has managed his 20 staff during this time.

  • Kain’s approach to estimating the number of builders needed to complete projects.

  • The elusive ‘holy grail’ of project management and scheduling systems, and Kane’s advice for new builders.

  • Greenbuild ’s current project is ‘The Ridge’ at Nelson Bay, which has come off the back of ‘Salt’ at Shell Bay.

  • The reason Kain suggested a re-design for The Ridge and the reaction of the client to these changes. 

  • The challenges of working on a rock shelf and the adjustments made along the way.

Sit back and enjoy this interesting interview with Kain Bliss from Greenbuild Constructions.


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