Episode 54 - Say ‘I Can’ instead of ‘I Can’t’ with Karl Brown from Archclad

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Karl Brown from Archclad.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Archclad is a specialist cladding company who is focused on producing safe cladding. 

  • Karl was born and bred in South Africa and describes his childhood as tough but fair as he had to be resourceful.

  • Following his two years in the Navy national service, Karl joined a steel factory where he learnt every aspect of steel – from steelmaking to marketing and says it was a great start to his career. 

  • One of the first steel jobs Karl completed was working out coils for flat sheets which were to be used in car manufacturing. 

  • As the country of South Africa was in turmoil, Karl moved his family to Australia 21 years ago and was able to continue his work in the steel industry. 

  • The systems and process’ involved in designing cladding.  

  • How the challenges of the past motivated Karl to create a better life here in Australia and the opportunities he sees all around him. 

  • The beginnings of Archclad.

  • The structural differences and applications between Zinc, Alloy, Steel, Colourbond and Aluminium.

  • On the wall of Karl’s workshop there is a quote by Henry Ford – ‘Quality means doing everything right when no-one else is looking.’ 

  • Archclad’s involvement in the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) and some of the challenges that were involved in this project. 

  • Karl was able to bring to Australia the supply of up to 150m length sheets of cladding.

  • The advantage of longer sheets of cladding in both waterproofing and pest control. 

  • Bringing a unique product to the marketplace can come with reservations from industry competitors.

  • To be successful Karl says ‘you need to recognise the need and then work out a way to satisfy that need.’

  • Karl’s approach to self-doubt is to say ‘I can’ instead of ‘I can’t’.

  • Outside of work, Karl is a family man and shares the positive impact of Covid on his family life. 

  • Managing ourselves as well as the people who work with us.

  • The future for Archclad.

  • Visual texture and the shadow cast of cladding. 

  • Karl explains oil canning and visual distortion. 

  • We get a rundown on the manufacturing and instillation process. 

  • Karl’s tips for planning a cladding job for trades. 

  • The safety protocols and testing involved in the production of all Archclad products.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Karl Brown from Archclad. 



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