Episode 46 - Seeing the Bigger Picture with Kribashini and Rebeka from BuildHer Collective

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to sit down with Kribashini and Rebeka from BuildHer Collective.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Rebeka started her career in project management and quantity surveying before becoming a registered builder.

  • Kribashini started in construction project management when she made the shift to working on the client-side, guiding them through the building process.

  • Kribashini has a broad family history and heritage and moved to Australia to establish her roots.

  • Rebeka spent her childhood in her parent’s carpet store supplying quotes which gave her a good foundation for her career in construction.

  • Quantity surveying and Rebeka’s learnings from this start to her career now.

  • The beginnings of BuildHer Collective came when the girls were on holidays and realised the lack of support for women who wanted to manage their own builds.

  • A typical design brief when working with BuildHer. Taking a step back and helping clients in a resolution process.

  • BuildHer Collective works with their clients to help them understand everything in the process, from realistic budgets, expectations, working with trades and communication.

  • With their individual skills, ‘BuildHer Collective’ empowers women with guidance and information to build, renovate or invest in the home of their dreams.

  • Rebeka explains their bathroom and kitchen Kickstart Courses, Dream Home 10-week Course and Develop for Profit Course. 

  • Bringing in a fortnightly Q&A session and lifetime membership to ensure clients are covered throughout the entire building process.

  • Rebeka and Kribashini writing a book “BuildHer – A Practical guide to building” which has been released in 2021.

  • Sharing knowledge has allowed BuildHer to create not only a strong community but is creating shared learnings, connection between builders and increasing value for all parties.

  • Aaron explains common disputes in his line of work consulting with builders and mediating disputes.

  • BuildHer’s contingency planning for clients to help lighten the financial blow when there are issues on site.

  • Commercial vs residential frameworks and process’ and understanding the perspective around each item. 

  • The BuildHer Internship.

Sit back and enjoy this collaborative interview with Kribashini and Rebeka from BuildHer Collective.


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