Episode 20 - The world of mega construction with Leif Aleksic from Tier 1 Australian Builder - Built

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Leif Aleksic from Built.  

In this episode we talk about: 

  • Leif grew up in Penrith and his goal, at school, was to become a rugby league player. 

  • Sporting injuries led Leif to the world of construction, and he stared out with a carpentry apprenticeship.  

  • Working on the Olympic Stadium in Sydney and the scale of this project. 

  • The process of getting your foot in the door when winning a construction job. 

  • Managing budgets for a project and the pre-planning that goes into a commercial construction site. 

  • Leif’s approach to dealing with conflict on site and the qualities required to be a good site manager.  

  • A construction job starts years before the fence goes up and Leif shares how he wins his building company’s bids.  

  • Quality and safety go hand in hand – you cannot have one without the other.  

  • As a construction site manager Leif is always conscious of the culture within his crew.  

  • Leif’s current project is a Japanese Nihon University international campus at the former Newcastle Courthouse.  

  • The challenges of working on a heritage-listed site from 1892.  

  • Leif explains the considerations that need to be made when you mix refurbishment and new construction.  

  • Working on projects from the 1600s in contrast with modern architecture.  

  • The future for Built and projects Leif is looking forward to. 

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Leif Aleksic.  



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