Episode 13 - Finding the right ‘tribe’ to build your dream Cellar with Lisa McGuigan

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Lisa McGuigan who is the owner and director of VAMP Cellar door in Pokolbin, Hunter Valley. 

In this episode we talk about: 

  • Lisa has a background in hospitality and shares her experiences from Switzerland after she graduated high school.  

  • Lisa grew up in one of the greatest wine regions in the world being the Hunter Valley and has seen many changes in the wine industry over her lifetime. 

  • Lisa loved the way wine was served in Europe and dreamed of bringing the same prestige and service offering back to Australia. 

  • Finding the location for Lisa’s first winery brand.

  • Wine labels and the masculine focused designs usually seen and the need for some change.

  • The process of turning the cool room ‘inside out’.  

  • Working with the right Architect was essential in making Lisa’s ideas come to life. 

  • Lisa draws inspiration from film, fashion, music and art. 

  • The intuition of Architect Dominic Warland from EJE. 

  • The process of building a Cellar from concept to completion. 

  • Putting the project up for tender to work with a builder from a client’s perspective.

  • Lisa wanted a builder who was part of her Tribe, someone she could have a tea with every day. 

  • Choosing PDA Builders gave Lisa the chance to be involved in all aspects of the build.  

  • We revealed (live) a brand-new table in the cellar and why it is special to Lisa.  

  • Lisa’s vision for Chainmail Curtains and a Gothic theme at her winery.  

  • Lisa’s favourite aspect of VAMP Cellar door in Pokolbin. 

  • Serving oysters rather than cheese. 

  • The contract that was created for Lisa by PDA to suit her creative needs. 

  • Future proofing the build for growth.  

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Lisa McGuigan.  


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