Episode 53 - Consistently Improving and Refining for the Future with Luke Fry from Luke Fry Architec

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Luke Fry from Luke Fry Architecture

In this episode we talk about:

  • Luke grew up in country Victoria in a family of builders who were constantly building and selling homes throughout his childhood which inspires him still today.

  • An Architect’s critical role as a leader in the building and construction industry.

  • Being busy and constantly on the hunt for the next creative project became part of Luke’s quest to serve the building and architecture industry.

  • Luke wasn’t drawn to becoming a tradie. So, when he turned 17, he moved out of home and started his interior design course at University.

  • Completing Interior Design, Luke moved onto Architecture and completed a total of 8 years of study, all while working on interior design projects.

  • Luke has always aspired to step out on his own and after a friend asked him to design a penthouse project, he took the leap and started Luke Fry Architecture.

  • How Luke knows when to take the next big steps in building up his firm.

  • New architectural design vs the previous years and educating clients the difference.

  • Luke’s tips for keeping up to date on trends and keeping design fresh and inspiring.

  • Being a leader and the driver of inspiration amongst his family and colleagues.

  • Growth in business and the feeling of contentment that comes with ‘the hunt’ for perfection.

  • Prior to design, although obvious - a building project simply doesn’t exist by itself and always requires some design input.

  • Luke’s distinguished difference which attracts people to him and the rest of the firm.

  • The ‘Luke Fry DNA’ and how the business develops its own personality and leading culture.

  • What an architect looks for when choosing a builder.

  • The time, energy, and precision it takes to complete a project and leave a lasting legacy.

  • Luke was recently selected as a Judge on the TV program ‘Australia's Best House’ on 9Life.

  • ‘Torquay Beach House’ project and the memories that are built into the lifestyle of a home.

  • A working relationship between client and architect can last for years and Luke’s tips for fostering these good relationships.

  • Luke’s recent challenge including a custom, hand-built rendered and seamless bath inside and out.

  • Working with the right trades people will have an invaluable input and drastically impact the outcome of a project.

  • Outside of work, Luke is a father of two and he has started to build his own home in Melbourne.

  • The mentors in Luke’s life and, the different ways they have input into his life and business.

  • Fundamental design characteristics and sketching by hand.

  • Luke Fry Architecture’s future as they move into the multi-residential space in Melbourne.

  • Mixing residential spaces and workspaces.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Luke Fry from Luke Fry Architecture.


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