Episode 25 – Providing practical & achievable solutions for property developers with Luke Mahaffey

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Luke Mahaffey from LJMA.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Luke was born and bred in Newcastle and is proud to be a part of the city and the way it has evolved.

  • Luke’s journey into Architecture and his passion for becoming a real and practical architect.

  • Luke took a more holistic approach University during his 5-year Architecture degree designing for the build not the marks.

  • His first role at a mid-tier architecture firm did not quite fulfil Luke’s passion for design. 

  • The evolution of LJMA as Luke took steps to start his own firm.

  • Seeing the business side of architecture gave Luke a better sense of practical design.

  • Playing a round of Golf is Luke’s form of marketing.

  • How to go from designing a single dwelling to multi-residential projects.

  • Luke’s sink or swim moment.

  • The future for LJMA.

  • Golf has become an outlet for Luke and finds it re-invigorates him for his work.

  • The West End project in Newcastle and Luke’s favourite aspects of this apartment.

  • Luke enjoys diversity and also works on residential projects.

  • Luke is pragmatic and will always help his clients understand the big picture.

  • Newcastle’s building restrictions being an old mining city, on top of water tables.

Sit back and enjoy this insightful interview with Architect Luke Mahaffey.


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