Episode 48 - ‘Repeat Result and Referral’ with Mark Kentwell from PRD Real Estate

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from founding Director of PRDnationwide Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, Mark Kentwell.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Mark’s parents are from humble beginnings and used the buying and selling of property to support their lifestyle – this sparked

  • Marks interest in property from an early age.

  • Mark graduated school in year 10 and started a mining career as an electrical fitter, industrial electrician and finishing up as an electrical engineer while also studying mechanical engineering.

  • Buying his first property at age 19.

  • Although there is money to be made in mining, Mark’s heart was not in it and his entrepreneurial spirit was being crushed.

  • Attending a real-estate agent course, Mark realised how much he enjoyed the type of business opportunities and took a voluntary redundancy in the mines at age 22.

  • Mark approached his mum and Dad and they went halves in PRDnationwide Newcastle.

  • Mark shares how he grew to be a successful Real Estate agent in the midst of the financial crisis with the encouragement of many mentors from the industry.

  • The real-estate market was a traditional format when Mark started, however this has drastically changed in the recent past.

  • Mark explains the difference between entrepreneurs and freelancers and which category Mark fits into.

  • Mark believes in systems and explains dollar productive time and why all builders should work on this model.

  • Delegating to others when something is not your craft.

  • Mark’s ‘Repeat, result and referral’ concept.

  • Upfront outlay for long-term results.

  • Mark gives his top tips for developers and shares some basic numbers to consider.

  • The value of networking and hard work.

  • Getting involved in the community gives builders (and all others involved in development projects) long term referral-based business.

  • The 3 biggest risks of development.

  • The value of your tribe and finding the right agent is like the middle man.

  • Mark shares the ‘must haves’, ‘want to have’ and ‘won’t haves’ of business.

  • Assembling your tribe, communication and the honest conversations with ‘selfish desires’ out on the table.

  • The exciting East End Development Stage 1 Apartment project and the future for Mark Kentwell and his team.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Mark Kentwell from PRD Real Estate


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