ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing the Build Hatch Marketplace

Well – this is an exciting announcement. When I started Build Hatch back in 2020 when Covid first shut down Australia more or less – I thought Build Hatch would be a cool way of inspiring the hard working people in the building and construction industry. Since then – we have continued to travel around Australia having real and authentic conversations with builders, architects, suppliers and subbies – telling the real stories just to keep people inspired know what actually happens behind the scenes.

I simply decided to give back to the industry by sharing the real stories that people don’t normally hear about from seeing photos or images in a magazine, an awards night or on social media channels. 

Since releasing the first episode of Build Hatch - we now have over 50K, regular listeners, just by word of mouth and Instagram. 

In addition to the opportunity for people to come onto the Build Hatch podcast and tell their story - I am now "rallying the troops" and offering a building and construction community marketplace standing up for the little guys in the industry.


And I know what it means because my first ever job was working at an IGA Supermarket when I was 14 and 9 months. Back then in the 90’s – IGA Supermarkets were an absolute minority and were getting smashed by the big corporate supermarkets. These guys fought and fought and never gave up. Today – IGA is such a huge brand all around the World. People are prepared to pay just a little more knowing they are supporting the little guys who stand behind their products.  

Right now, there are Aussie battlers just like you who are giving away up to 35% margin and not being paid for up to 90 days all just because there isn’t a better option available.

I have seen first-hand in my role as a Lawyer and a Consultant - sub-contractors, suppliers and builders - experiencing extensive delays in buying your products all because of the large corporates blocking the middlemen and not allowing efficiencies to occur with state of the art logistics and technology that is available today especially since Covid. 

It is plain wrong and cartel-like behaviour that is unacceptable, and I need your help to change this because there are empty shelves and store blockages while the suppliers like you are doing their part. So now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this current trading environment in dealing directly with the consumer across a large scale without the corporate structure causing inefficiencies and taking huge margins.

Since COVID - the world has changed and right now you have an exclusive opportunity to join the Build Hatch Marketplace as the first early adopters. 

We have set up a state-of-the-art marketplace with leading logistics used by the following organisations:

  • Surf Stitch.

  • Providoor.

  • Bike Exchange.   

  • Barbecues Galore.

  • … and many more. 

What’s important about our state of the art Marketplace – is you don’t have to have a current online store – we will help build you one within 24 hours. So if you are listening to this and you always had a great idea to make extra income by selling your tools, products or furniture online – we’ll help you. If you have an existing online store – you don’t need to re-create anything – we’ll map that over to so you can still run everything just like you do now from your current store.

Worried about shipping and logistics – we’ll help you with that too! We have everything covered to simply allow people to buy directly from you through the Build Hatch marketplace. Simple as that. Like I said – power to the little guys and we are going to take this on like there is no tomorrow.

In return for jumping on board and telling your friends and community about this - we will help drive more sales to you to keep the dream alive and fighting for the little guys battling against the big guys. That’s what we are about. This is something I can do to help the industry but I need your help to spread the message. The more suppliers and brands who jump onto this – the more help we can provide.

From the bottom of my heart - it would mean the absolute world to me and others in the industry if you helped by jumping on board and listing some goods and materials that you already sell anyway, keep telling everyone about what we are doing with Build Hatch and our voice in the industry.

That’s about all I have to say for now – over the next couple of weeks – you’ll get to hear some of those stories right here on this podcast. I’m excited about the first story of our suppliers which is such an inspiring story of starting out manufacturing clothes as a way of supporting their family during one of the worst droughts in Australian history. This brand didn’t even start off in construction, now fast forward to today – tradies all over the world love wearing this brand because of what it means and because they are leading quality and comfortable.

So stay tuned for some exciting guests and stories behind leading independent brands and suppliers coming right up here on Build Hatch.


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