Episode 4 - Family, concrete and connection with Matt Fair

In this episode of the build Hatch Podcast we had the opportunity to hear from Matt Fair from Crete Kings Without Crowns.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Matt explains where the name of his business came from

  • Matt is a concrete polisher and looks at how he came to be in this area.

  • Matt grew up as a son of an electrician and spent his younger years travelling in a F150 van

  • The early years of Matt’s working career and how it led to polishing concrete

  • Matt’s inspiration comes from his wife Veronica and his children

  • The process of Polishing concrete and the equipment required

  • The concrete trends Matt has seen during his 20 years in the industry

  • Matt’s advice for dealing with complicated jobs, difficult clients or other tradies

  • The qualities required to be a concrete polisher and businessman

  • How to best communicate with clients and remembering to give them realistic expectations

  • Matt uses decent equipment and believes in purchasing good quality tools to get a good result

  • Matt receives his daily satisfaction by providing his clients with a great final result

  • The most interesting thing that a client has requested to have embedded in the polished concrete

  • What gets Matt out of bed in the morning, including his love for routine and cooking

  • Matt’s family drives him through encouragement, conversation and connection

  • Matt has wonderful things to say about his wife Veronica

  • Tim Van Der Veen from Worx+ has been a mentor for Matt

  • Matt’s experience of working on his largest project thus far

  • The variety of sites excites Matts and he shares some of the highlights

  • The Future for Matt, his family, and Crete Kings Without Crowns.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Matt Fair.


Crete Kings Without Crowns

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