Episode 64 - Building Software for Construction with Matt Perrott from BuildPass.

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Matt Perrott from BuildPass.

In this episode we talk about: - Matt grew up in Victoria with lots of outside activities and was a hands-on young man.

  • After school he did a Batchelor of commerce with the goals of becoming a Civil Engineer.

  • Realising that a career in commerce was not as exciting as first thought, Matt became interested in start-up business’.

  • 5 years ago, Matt was in the midst of a social media boom and changed tactics to study software.

  • Matt’s software degree was a challenge and at times daunting, however, ‘like anything you bite off small pieces and you will make progress’.

  • Matt’s first exposure to construction tech world.

  • Finding a niche, applying existing technology and working towards changing people’s lives.

  • The ‘why’ behind BuildPass and the work that they do.

  • Matt deliberately spent the first few months of business researching and understanding problems in the construction industry to determine whether his product would actually solve these problems.

  • Designing software is the easy part – it is working out whether or not people will actually want the solution you are selling.

  • Learning and listening to create a product which will naturally market itself though warm leads rather than hard marketing strategies.

  • The practical benefits of using Build Pass as someone who works in construction.

  • The more data you can capture in one place, the easier it is to keep records.

  • Matt explains the subscription pricing model.

  • Keeping current client’s happy before expanding, to ensure longevity and a high- quality product.

  • A balanced partner, methodical thinking and a structured systematic rollout has been the key BuildPass’ success thus far.

  • QR Codes, ticket wallet integrations, sharing capabilities and the value of these electronic systems.

  • Outside of work Matt is an avid surfer and passionate about his local life-saving clubs.

  • The advantages of BuildPass not only for Builders, but sub-contractors and all other trades.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Matt Perrott from BuildPass.


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