Episode 50 - Creating Your Own Destiny with Michael Rodgerson from MPR Design and Build

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Michael Rodgerson from MPR Design and Build.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Michael grew up close to Bentley in VIC, the son of hard-working parents who were both chefs.

  • After school, Michael moved to America to take a gap year and figure out what he wanted to do.

  • Upon his return, he completed a commercial apprenticeship through a local footy club which eventually led him to a domestic building apprenticeship.

  • The value of learning alongside a builder vs a sole trade, like carpentry.

  • Working for a tough builder who ‘had the durry test’ and the value in detail driven teachers.

  • By age 24 Michael was DBU certified and started out with smaller renovation projects before setting up an office in Bayside.

  • Although Michael did not set out to work in the high-end areas of Victoria, over time it grew as he built his portfolio.

  • ‘The big boys’ all started somewhere and Michael encourages young builders to be patient, as construction is a long-term game.

  • The beginnings of ‘MPR Design and Build’.

  • Michael’s point of difference is working with an architect at the concept stage, rather than tender, so that the design is based off a budget rather than concept.

  • Don’t say ‘I think’ – know your numbers and be upfront with clients around budget and pricing.

  • Approachability and personal relationships built on honesty and trust.

  • You’re only as good as the homes you build, not the tenders you pitch.

  • Michael’s approach is to donate his time to architects to ensure they can put forward a proposal to tender which is successful.

  • Michael defines the difference between a tier one builder and a tier two builder.

  • To be able to manage his business, Michael has put away this tool belt and now places trust in his team and sub-contractors.

  • The jump in revenue may come with challenges and Michael’s tips for up-scaling.

  • Managing not only the income into the business but outgoings and client payments.

  • The restrictions from third parties on builders and the confines in which they need to work within.

  • ‘You can be the best builder in Australia but, without a good team you are doomed.’

  • The work MPR focus’ on now and the aspects of each sector that Michael enjoys.

  • Making small adjustments in a quote can be the difference between landing a tender and losing it.

  • Building a house is the biggest financial decision a client will make. Michael approaches them with logic and options to make it as smooth as possible.

  • The future for MPR Design and Build.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Michael Rodgerson from MPR Design and Build.


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