Episode 16 - A good designer will always have a wider perspective than the client with Naomi Findlay

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from renovator and designer Naomi Findlay. Naomi is an excellent communicator and her passion for design and people is so evident in this episode. She shares why she loves design and the value it has added to her life and others.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Naomi came to be an all-around renovator after obtaining a PHD and working as a senior lecturer in Medical Science.

  • Naomi is an avid planner and intentionally created a 3-year plan to start her own business in design.

  • The stereotypes of designers and how Naomi challenges them.

  • Understanding the ‘how can we…’ is important when it comes to working with contractors.

  • Word of mouth is Naomi’s biggest driver of business.

  • Naomi believes that good design starts with the dream of the client.

  • Renovating for profit vs personal renovations.

  • The ‘Farms to Fortune Project’ is all about breathing life into regional properties around Australia.

  • Naomi works with many contracts and has a desire to see them enjoy what they are creating.

  • Naomi’s perspective on budgets and keeping the conversation around money open.

  • Renovating outdoor living spaces can add huge value to a home.

  • Naomi’s tips for reducing drastic ageing when renovating.

  • The recent change of collaboration between architects and designers.

  • Naomi often consults with new-home buyers prior to purchasing a home.

  • The order in which you renovate a space is important as it keep costs down.

  • Naomi has intentionally involved her children in her work, so they learn why she loves what she does.

  • Naomi’s perspective on the recent world disasters and the impact these may have on trends in home design.

  • Current projects; the ‘Rose Farm’ with Denise Duffield Thomas and a 1980s home renovation.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Naomi Findlay.


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