Episode 41 - Putting passion into creating a movement - Noah & Mostafa Structural Engineering Basics

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear Noah and Mostafa from Structural Engineering Basics.     In this episode we talk about: 

  • Mostafa grew up in Cairo Egypt with a father who was a structural engineer and shares about his interesting childhood growing up in Chiro, Egypt – including the history of the Pyramids. 

  • After graduating from school Mostafa was able to get a consultancy role at a local firm in Cairo and follow in this fathers’ footsteps. 

  • In contrast, Noah grew up in a family full of architects and shares his journey to structural engineering. 

  • Having an interest in sports, Noah was drawn to structural engineering and the ideas of designing high rise building, hospitals and stadiums. 

  • Mostafa moved to Canada which is where he met Noah. 

  • Meeting at a job they hit it off and worked together on many projects and have learnt a lot during their time together. 

  • Relationships with contractors and the importance of the rapport you need to have. 

  • Networking and life-long learning in construction.  

  • The amazing feats of construction in Dubai and Middle-East construction in general and the challenges of working in a desert environment.  

  • The in-fashion characters of building tall leaning buildings. 

  • In contrast, Noah explains the difficulties of working in Canada and again, the impact severe weather can have on structural engineering. 

  • Shifts in the construction industry since the pandemic. 

  • The start of Structural Engineering Basics and the education courses Mostafa and Noah provide. 

  • Noah explains what their courses entail and how you can get involved - all at your own pace. 

  • The course explains the process’ from the perspective of a structural engineer currently working in the field and includes lots of practical applications. 

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Noah and Mostafa from Structural Engineering Basics. 


Structural Engineering Basics

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