Episode 24 - The key to renovations & interior styling with Riss and Court -Bone and Blanc Interiors

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from the wonderful and fun pair of interior designers, Riss & Court from Bone and Blanc Interiors.   

In this episode we talk about: 

  • Riss & Court met while working together on project homes which was a great foundation for starting their own business.  

  • Court is originally from Canada and on a holiday to Newcastle she fell in love with Australia and never left.  

  • Riss is a local Newcastle girl and grew up in a small town. 

  • The difference in the Interior Design space between now and 13 years ago when Riss completed her interior design course.  

  • Both Riss and Court have an undeniable passion for Interior design and this love for the industry motivated them to step out together at the beginning of 2020 to start Bone and Blanc Interiors. 

  • The origins of the name Bone and Blanc Interiors  

  • Bone and Blanc Interiors focuses on renovations as well as internal styling and they share their process.  

  • Riss and Court are their own brand and pride themselves on being genuine, honest and real.  

  • Bone and Blanc have found their niche in a saturated market using particular colour pallets. 

  • Working during COVID and how Riss and Court pivoted to take advantage of working online. 

  • The process of working with Bone and Blanc Interiors and the importance of creating mood and sample boards.   

  • Their goal is to work alongside trades and turn their clients house into a home.  

  • The importance of communication between Riss and Court as a partnership.  

  • In the ‘Mayf Springs’ project, Riss and Court are working with a family to create the home of their dreams . 

  • Some of the upcoming projects for Bone and Blanc Interiors. 

  • As designers, Riss and Court are constantly looking at upcoming trends. 

  • The influence a designer has on a client’s style. 

  • The importance of placing your trust in an interior designer.  

  • The future for Bone and Blanc Interiors. 

Sit back and enjoy the dynamic duo in Riss & Court from Bone and Blanc Interiors.  


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