Episode 61 - Providing straight and true information - Rob Schaasberg from Builder's Edge Consulting

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Rob Schaasberg from Builder's Edge Consulting.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Rob grew up in New Zealand and grew up on 2500 acres where he learnt many essential life skills.

  • Not having a clear passion after graduating high school, Rob took a 2-year gap year after which he settled into the study of construction management.

  • Practical experience and creating connections with builders helped Rob apply everything he was learning to the industry.

  • Moved to London for 2 years with his now wife, Rob became a construction recruiter where he quickly realised selling is not for him.

  • After ‘throwing a dart at Melbourne’ Rob and his wife then moved to Australia.

  • His time with HIA and the experience he gained from this role.  

  • Rob was thrown into the deep end but, found his passion for construction once again.

  • The motivation behind starting Builder's Edge Consulting.

  • The self-imposed pressure required to launch a business and, being accountable to others.

  • Rob’s golden advice to anyone starting a business; ‘Get a good accountant because it changes your world.’

  • Using connections to his advantage, Rob was able to share the straight and true information for how to become a registered builder in Victoria.

  • The process of becoming a registered builder in Australia and how Rob coaches clients through this historically difficult process.

  • The reason it is tough to get a building registration and the legislative system involved.

  • Rob explains what it looks like to work with Builder's Edge including Rob’s pre-application advice.

  • Rob’s course is a one-on-one service and the advantages of completing a building application through Builder's Edge Consulting.

  • Rob’s approach to the personal life and, creating a course to fit around that.

  • The relationship between Builder's Edge and Carpentry Australia.

  • The strike rate and how Rob prepares his participants for success.

  • Commitment, honesty, accountability and drive are all needed to become a registered builder.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Rob Schaasberg from Builder's Edge Consulting.


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