Episode 35 - Just Make it Happen with Robbie and Dean from EvoBuilt.

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Robbie and Dean from EvoBuilt. 

In this episode we talk about: 

  • Robbie and Dean are cousins and grew up together in a big family out in the country. 

  • Both boys graduated school and followed trades into construction – Dean in the residential space and Robbie in commercial carpentry and plastering.  

  • Robbie was approached to build six single-story prefabricated units and asked Dean to jump in to help and so EvoBuilt was born. 

  • The journey of hiring young apprentices to help with framing work so they could start on a path of learning to improve the business.  

  • The meaning behind the name EvoBuilt. 

  • Their approach to business growth was cold calling builders they wanted to work with.  

  • Wanting to boost their leadership skills, Robbie and Dean started regular business coaching sessions and conducted personality tests all which has helped them increase their leadership skills.  

  • The concept of ‘blue teams’ and ‘red teams’ and working together in unity as Dean is the integrator and Robbie is the visionary.  

  • Approaching daily tasks by ‘just making it happen’ and the value in building a strong team culture.  

  • Building is a bi-product of EvoBuilt. Their mission is to nurture people through their journey of life so they have a positive impact when they go home.  

  • Evo Built has just finished filming ‘The Block’ for Channel 9, and share how this opportunity came about through their connection with just one person and the referral that one person then passed on, which ultimately impacted their journey.

  • Outside of work, Robbie and Dean are avid golfers – which also comes in handy for team building.  

  • The future for EvoBuilt and the end mission.  

  • Managing client interaction and the essential role beer plays in building connection and trust.  

  • Robbie and Dean’s approach to Social Media and upholding the EvoBuilt branding in uniforms. 

  • Their favourite aspects of working for themselves. 

  • Robbie and Dean’s differentiating factor is the care they hold for clients and staff.  

  • Solving problems and Robbie and Dean’s approach to problems when they arise on site.  

  • EvoBuilt’s quarterly breaks, where all the team come together to restore their connection.  

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Robbie and Dean from EvoBuilt. 


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