Episode 57 - Adversity is an Opportunity for Growth with Robbie Stratti from Stratti Building Group

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Robbie Stratti from Stratti Building Group.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Robbie grew up in Sydney with his younger brother and parents.

  • His grandfather had three family businesses – an excavation company, earthmoving equipment manufacturing company and an excavation sales business.

  • Growing up in the family business’ sparked Robbie’s ambitious nature as a child and he always knew he would become involved in construction.

  • Robbie shares how a trip to Africa ignited a deep and meaningful passion for building spaces.

  • After the passing of his Father while in Africa, Robbie took over the project which would house 50 residents.

  • He goes into detail about the project in Africa which won a world architecture award and, the impact it had on the local community.

  • After living in Africa for a year, Robbie returned to Australia and started to work towards the next steps which led him to work, for a while, in the Civil sector.

  • Robbie enrolled into Tafe and was then led into a fast-paced learning environment in his workplace.

  • How the rollercoaster ride of his first few years back in Australia led to Robbie registering his own company, Stratti Building Group.

  • Asking the why, being direct and having an overview of a project.

  • Adversity is an opportunity for growth.

  • Working as a project manager on three separate homes and Robbie’s learnings from this time.

  • Robbie’s first build on his own and the support he received from local architects and sub-contractors.

  • The value of relationships and how Robbie’s connections gave him the confidence to move forward.

  • Changing construction methodology in the building space.

  • Robbie gives us examples of his approach to marketing and preliminary agreements.

  • Transparency and capturing the bigger picture of pricing.

  • Taking a collaborative approach to a building as a whole entire process.

  • Outside of work, Robbie is married with two beautiful children and shares how starting a family has positively impacted his life and business.

  • The future for Stratti Building Group.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Robbie Stratti from Stratti Building Group.


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