Episode 63 - Understanding the Past to Build the Future with Roger Borland from Borland Architecture

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Roger Borland from Borland Architecture.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Roger grew up in North Western Ireland on a cattle and sheep farm, growing up 1 of 8 kids.

  • As a child, Roger was very hands-on and shares his first experience of architecture in secondary school doing technical drawings.

  • Following school, Roger completed a practical foundation course in construction which lasted 2 years.

  • After this bridging course, Roger commenced his studies in Architecture and moved to England to attend the University of Lincoln and Humberside Hull.

  • Meeting his now-wife while in England.

  • Roger goes into detail about the different parts of his degree and the required years of experience.

  • His first job as an architect working for a Conservation Architecture firm, doing Modern design with his own clients.

  • 24 months of onsite experience and completing his Post-Grad at Liverpool and, the advantage of this practical work.

  • The trust needed between client and architect.

  • After finishing his degree Roger and his wife moved to Australia as tourists but, eventually moved here permanently.

  • The opportunity to step into the design and build space where Roger learnt the mechanics and economics of this work.

  • Collaboration is key from concept to handover.

  • Roger shares the beginnings of Borland Architecture as it was an unplanned partnership.

  • The impact of the Pandemic for Roger as he became fully independent in business.

  • The importance of designing for the end user and wholistic design.

  • ‘We can do better’ and, maintaining design while dealing with the current price rises in the building and construction industry.

  • Briefing clients, pre-feasibility stages and value management prior to the commitment of a build.

  • Roger’s perspective on defects and the quality of builds in the current building climate.

  • Passive houses are healthier buildings and, better regulated during the building process.

  • The practical elements and design of managing air flow in a passive home.

  • Roger says, ‘A home is a kit of parts’ and reviewing the ‘parts’ to ensure quality.

  • For Roger, soccer is a large part of his life, both as a fan and player. He shares the mental value and benefits of this sport for him and others.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Roger Borland from Borland Architecture.


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