Episode 87 - Throwing Yourself in the Deep-End with Sam Barlow from Barlow Building

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Sam Barlow from Barlow Building.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Sam has been living on the Gold Coast of Queensland since he was two and loves everything it has to offer.

  • The construction climate of the Gold Coast and how much the demand has risen in recent years.

  • Sam left school at grade 10 to start his Landscape Construction apprenticeship.

  • The transition from Landscape construction to residential construction and the reasons for the transition.

  • Sam says, with age and learning comes awareness and his approach to work during his first few apprentice years.

  • Honesty and hard-work are the core values of business for Sam and his team.

  • The beginnings of Barlow Building, with a small push from his beautiful now-wife.

  • Throwing yourself in the deep-end and learning how to swim.

  • Why Sam took on weekend work to improve his carpentry skills.

  • Keeping up your responsibilities to your staff and knowing when it is the right time to increase your team.

  • For Sam, team members need to have a good energy on site and, respect for those apprentices and appreciations for those who are still learning.

  • Asking his team each month; ‘What have we done in the last month that you have enjoyed, something you want to start and, what improvements can be made?’

  • The relationship builders have with trades and how this has shifted since the Covid pandemic.

  • The ‘Burleigh Apartment Project’ including some of the challenges, and lessons learnt along the way.

  • Designing a hidden bookcase made of steel and client trust and acceptance.

  • Sam’s pricing structure and his tips for cost-plus contracts.

  • Outside of work, Sam enjoys taking advantage of the Gold Coast’s weather and amazing lifestyle it has to offer.

  • The future for Barlow Building and his amazing team.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Sam Barlow from Barlow Building.


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