Episode 80 - Framing Collaboration and Trust with Sean Jellie from SJ Carpentry Services

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Sean Jellie from SJ Carpentry Services.

In this episode we talk about: - Sean is based in Melbourne and works alongside Joe and shares a little about his country up bringing.

  • Originally Sean wanted to join the air force but after school he found himself working in pipe lining.

  • Sean’s interest in carpentry peaked when he was 21, after he had done some international travel.

  • When he returned, he started an apprenticeship with a framing crew.

  • The thrill of carpentry for Sean - putting together frames on site and seeing the build come together.

  • In his early years, Sean saw several different carpenters go under and shares the reasons this can happen.

  • The beginnings of SJ Carpentry Services and the partnership with Joe Leopard and, the first few jobs.

  • The experience working on Channel 9s ‘The Block’ and the doors that this experience brought to the business.

  • The ‘yin and yang’ relationship between Sean and Joe and his tips for working with a partnership.

  • The importance of recording data and Sean’s tips for those starting out in construction.

  • Working collaboratively with others in the construction industry, rather than against them

  • The framing pricing structure and how to manage the architectural challenges vs pricing.

  • The unique materials Sean has seen trending in recent times.

  • SJ Carpentry’s recent projects including curved staircases and, the challenges of these architectural designs.

  • The final product awareness required to complete a project well.

  • Outside of work, Sean loves playing footy and Joe is enjoying his new-found ‘dad-life.’

  • Building the brand, word of mouth marketing, social media and how this has changed in the construction game.

  • Pre-fabricated steel framing vs wood framing and the common love for timber.

  • Sean’s predictions for the future of the construction industry.

  • The differences in supply, demand and installation of steel and wood frames in Australia.

  • The future for SJ Carpentry Services.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Sean Jellie from SJ Carpentry Services.


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