Episode 74 -Working with Good People is Cost Effective with Charbel Eltarraf, Director of Tile Touch

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from with Charbel Eltarraf Director of Tile Touch.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The early beginnings of Tile Touch in 2019, with his business partner.

  • Charbel was born and bred in Sydney and following school, he joined the Army.

  • The grounding effect of the Army which, taught Charbel commitment, respect and maturity.

  • Setting yourself up for success by making the bed each morning.

  • Charbel’s career started in finance and customer service.

  • Working with CEOs to find solutions for customer problems.

  • The passion for the work vs the politics of a job.

  • After being approached by a tiling company to present to architects and designers, Charbel said ‘lets give it a crack’ and changed positions.

  • Knowing he wanted to work for himself, Charbel was looking for a shift in focus and started Tile Touch.

  • How Charbel brought his vision of an online tile store to life.

  • Working hard but, in the right way.

  • The positive impact of the pandemic, considering Charbel’s online market.

  • A tile is a product you want to feel, and Charbel’s solution for this customer problem.

  • Sample boxes and the Tile touch app - allowing you to see the tile, in the space, before purchase.

  • Charbel’s passion for efficiency and customer service, over income.

  • Working with good people is both cost-effective and efficient.

  • The current trends in tiles – Made in Australia is in high demand.

  • Charbel is a Build Hatch Marketplace early adaptor and, what this could mean for other Australian businesses.

  • The future for Tile Touch.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Charbel Eltarraf Director of Tile Touch.

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