Episode 34 - Prefabricated Modular Building and Systems with Tom Rolland from KL Modular Systems

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we sat down with Tom Rolland from KL Modular Systems Australia, a commercial modular construction company.

  • Tom grew up in Melbourne and after leaving school at grade 12 Tom stepped into the world of men’s fashion.

  • Being interested in process’ he studied the fabrication of garments from start to finish, all while breaking the traditional mould of a straight male working in fashion.

  • KLMSA is a family business and Tom shares how his mum came to be the owner.

  • Seeing the correlation between fabric fabrication and construction he jumped into KLMSA as a building estimator.

  • Tom is process-driven and saw the correlation between fashion and the construction industry.

  • The importance of accurate estimation allows KL Modular systems to deliver a prefabricated project on time and on budget.

  • The advantages of building off-site and then coming into a school, for example, and installing over a matter of weeks rather than months or years.

  • The possibilities of bringing a design to KLMSA and their process for creating a prefabricated build.

  • KLMSA is currently working with the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) creating classrooms, sporting centres and childcare centres.

  • The pre-fabrication industry, as a whole, and the pivots required to drive this relatively new concept in Australia.

  • Tom’s hopes for the future of modular buildings.

  • A standard briefing process with KL Modular Systems.

  • Tom defines ‘Form Following Function’ and designing for function first.

  • Tom describes the recent Bacchus Marsh Grammar School project, which is one of the biggest ones they have ever created.

  • KLMSA is still a full turnkey solution and the challenges of working with pre-existing infrastructure.

  • Everything is a process and his experience in the fashion industry gave him a good foundation for his role in construction now. 

  • Life outside of the construction industry for Tom.

  • The future for the KLMSA family.

Sit back and enjoy this insightful episode with Tom Rolland.


KL Modular Systems Australia

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