Episode 79 - ‘When We Build for You – a Part of Us is Always Left Behind’ with Wayne & Jackson

In this episode of the Build Hatch Podcast, we had the opportunity to hear from Wayne & Jackson from Pro Start Constructions.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Wayne is the was born and raised in Melbourne and started his career as an apprentice carpenter.

  • He has a strong civil background and deep appreciation for the sequence in civil planning.

  • Although Jackson grew up alongside his dad Wayne on site, he originally had plans to pursue a career path in personal fitness.

  • Jackson saw that Pro Start Constructions was starting to thrive and saw an opportunity for growth and joined the team fulltime learning from his dad Wayne.

  • The early days of Pro Start Constructions.

  • The educational and school projects Pro Start Constructions are involved with around Melbourne.

  • Wayne says, ‘when we build for you, a part of us is left behind. We have a connection to it.’

  • The additional compliance requirements when working in schools.

  • The costs involved in tendering a project.

  • Wanye has a hard-working mentality and shares that business is his passion and the support of his family makes life enjoyable.

  • Jackson is currently involved in running the sites and ensuring a strong working culture within the team.

  • Introducing ‘the modern stuff’ to the business and the technological changes in the industry since the pandemic.

  • The respect earnt when you have been in business a long time.

  • Wayne says, ‘the 80’s were the good ol’ days of working in construction’ as the comradery was unrivalled.

  • The importance of understanding people and how to support them where they are in life.

  • Wayne’s advice to the younger generation of builders.

  • The future for Pro Start Constructions.

Sit back and enjoy this helpful interview with Wayne & Jackson from Pro Start Constructions


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